March 20, 2023
Amity to fully sponsor education of its students who lost their parents due to Pandemic

The not-for-profit Amity Foundation has announced that they will be sponsoring the cost of the remaining education at Amity Universities across the country for students who have lost their bread-earning parent to Covid.  Humanity comes above all has always been the philosophy of Amity, and this unique and path setting initiative will ensure that students do not lose the opportunity to finish their education. 50 Crore Rupees have been earmarked for helping these students. 

Dr Atul Chauhan- Chancellor, Amity University shares ” Sadly, over the last few months, especially during the second wave, we have had many tragic instances where our University students have lost one or both of their parents, making it difficult for the students to pay their fees and continue their education. We do not want the dream of the parents of these children to finish, so have decided to stand with each one of them like their father or their mother and ensure that they complete their Degree. 

We always tell all the students we support financially that when they become successful in the future and have the resources they should support the education of someone who needs the help.  Our dream is that our help now and the imbibing of the values to help others will have a ripple effect and result in hundreds of thousands of students getting the financial help they need.”

Dr Chauhan adds that the University, so far, has received 300 applications from students who have lost their parents and are looking for financial support.  A  financial corpus of over Rs. 50 crores have been created over for the same. 

He further shares, “In these times of stress and anxiety, mental health cannot be neglected and we have been supporting our students emotionally during these difficult times. The University’s 24-hour counselling Helpline has been actively helping Amity students and during the pandemic has even been opened for their parents.  

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