March 20, 2023
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HYDERABAD: A Twitter warfare broke out between Bharat Biotech’s SARS-CoV-2 venture lead Raches Ella and Kolkata-based endocrinologist Awadhesh Kumar Singh, lead researcher of a latest study evaluating the immune responses evoked by Covishield and Covaxin in healthcare employees.
While Ella tweeted on limitations within the study on Monday, Singh objected to Ella pointing fingers at their study when Covaxin’s part 3 outcomes have been but to be revealed.
The study, carried out on 515 healthcare employees (425 Covishield, 90 Covaxin recipients), mentioned Covishield recipients had the next sero-positivity price and common rise in anti-spike antibody (ASA) than those that acquired Covaxin.
Other Twitterati too weighed in with many demanding that Bharat Biotech publish part 3 outcomes.
Ella, who additionally heads enterprise improvement at Bharat Biotech, expressed shock at “researchers and media coming to conclusions based on non-peer-reviewed work”.
“Limitation 1: Spike-based IgGs are not appropriate when evaluating Covaxin, which induces broad antibody responses to Spike, N, and M Recommend live virus neutralization,” he mentioned. “Limitation 2: Past history of Covid was based on verbal response and not by a pre-vaccination IgG test. The study fails to account for asymptomatics (predominant presentation of Covid) and introduces misclassification bias,” he identified.
Singh tweeted: “Brother, whole country is getting vaccinated even without preprint phase 3 results … We owe a sincere gratitude to Bharat Biotech but that does not mean one should raise finger on others effort. Of course, we will produce published results finally!” Singh mentioned that to know the distinction between the 2 vaccines solely ASA would assist.
Ella mentioned he was “not raising fingers, merely citing limitations… Salute your efforts… Phase 3 will be out very soon.”

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