May 27, 2023

Bhupender Yadav stated the opposition ought to cease politicising the problem and work with the centre. File

New Delhi:

Opposition events criticising the Covid vaccination drive ought to introspect extra as a substitute of pointing fingers on the centre, BJP normal secretary Bhupender Yadav stated right this moment, quipping “they were cleaning the mirror while the dirt was on their face”.

The BJP chief praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “stellar leadership” within the face of the pandemic, saying he led the nation from the entrance in the course of the disaster whereas opposition events and states dominated by them have been busy washing their fingers of the accountability.

The opposition is remitted to supply constructive criticism, and it’s welcome, however it must be rational, Mr Yadav stated.

Leaders of the opposition events, together with Rahul Gandhi, and their chief ministers have been those who requested for decentralising the drive, he stated.

“They only demanded the right to directly approach vaccine producers, and when the government has done that, why are they crying foul,” Mr Yadav requested.

Underlining that well being is a state topic, the BJP chief claimed, “Many vaccination centres in opposition-ruled states were reporting that not enough people were turning up for the jabs. Rajasthan was caught burying vaccines in pits and throwing it away in garbage bins, while Punjab wanted to make a profit out of the vaccines by selling them to private hospitals.”

Rather than specializing in efficient implementation of the vaccination drive, the opposition was flip-flopping on this delicate challenge, he stated, including that it was Prime Minister Modi who took the accountability in his hand.

“This entire fiasco of the opposition amid this pandemic reminds me of a few lines… Woh umar bhar yahi karta raha, dhool chehere pe thi aur aiyna saaf karta raha (They continued to commit this mistake the whole life, they cleaned the mirror while the dirt was on their face),” Mr Yadav informed PTI.

Emphasising on the significance of inoculation, he stated vaccines have been a priceless useful resource and shouldn’t be wasted.

“Each jab saved is a life saved. The state government and agencies concerned should act swiftly to take action against the people responsible and make sure this is not repeated. Our government at the Centre is making continuous efforts to make vaccines available for everyone,” he stated.

Targeting the opposition, the BJP chief stated they tried to play politics by creating doubts within the minds of individuals across the vaccines.

One chief even went on to name it a “BJP vaccine”, whereas one other questioned its effectivity by means of a press assertion which led to vaccine hesitancy, Mr Yadav stated.

“The misfortune, however, over the past seven years has been that the opposition has only indulged in negative politics because it is unnerved by the massive popularity of Prime Minister Modi and the huge ground support for the BJP,” he stated.

Mr Yadav asserted that the centre’s choices to sort out the pandemic have been taken after consulting scientists, virologists, topic specialists and different stakeholders.

Describing the pandemic as a “once-in-a century” disaster, the BJP chief stated the opposition ought to cease politicising the problem and work along with the centre in serving to folks.

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