February 7, 2023

Solar Eclipse 2021 photographs: Best pics from all over the world on eclipse

The first Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan of 2021 was a charming expertise for individuals the world over. Those in elements of Canada, United States, the UK and locations within the far north skilled the partial eclipse, and the ‘ring of fireplace’ was seen solely in Greenland and the acute northern lalitudes. The Solar Eclipse began close to Ontario in Canada and swept throughout the northeastern United States, Greenland, northern Europe and resulted in Siberian Russia. Plenty of enthusiastic skywatchers watched the eclipse on-line. Twitter was flooded with superb pictures of the eclipse. The subsequent eclipse might be a Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse on November 19, the third one in 2021. The final eclipse, a Surya Grahan, might be on December 4. 

Solar Eclipse 2021: Here are a number of beautiful photographs of the eclipse 


Solar Eclipse 2021: Partial Solar Eclipse from southern Ontario, Canada


Solar Eclipse 2021: Image from Milton Keyenes, England


Solar Eclipse 2021: Image from Philadelphia, United States


Solar Eclipse 2021: Image of partial eclipse from Michigan


Solar Eclipse 2021: Image from New York City

In India, the Surya Grahan was seen solely in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. The eclipse lasted for round 100 minutes and the period of annularity was round 3 minutes and 51 seconds. According to the NASA, through the annular Solar Eclipse, “the central part of the shadow, where the silhouette of the Moon is completely surrounded by a ring of sunlight, is called the antumbra. The part of the shadow outside the antumbra, where observers see a partial eclipse, is the penumbra.”

June will see numerous astronomical occasions together with the Summer Solstice and the Strawberry Moon. 

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