February 2, 2023
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Neena Gupta made revelations in her guide Sach Kahun Toh (courtesy neena_gupta )


  • “One day, a friend told me to go visit a producer,” Neena Gupta wrote
  • “He was visiting for a few days,” Neena Gupta added
  • Neena Gupta stated the producer anticipated sexual favours for a job

New Delhi:

Neena Gupta just lately launched her new guide Sach Kahun Toh and opened up about the various chapters of her life, each private {and professional}. Neena Gupta, who has labored within the movie business for nearly 4 many years, revealed in her guide that casting sofa is a really actual factor in showbiz however clarified that she has by no means skilled it. In an excerpt from Sach Kahun Toh, Neena Gupta wrote: “Now, does the casting couch exist, and have I ever had to sit (sleep? sounds uncomfortable) on it? The answer is: Yes, it exists, and no I have never experienced it. I always saw it for what it was – a sexual favour offered in exchange for something that might not be what you imagined.”

However, the 62-year-old actress opened up about an incident in her guide when a producer anticipated sexual favours in trade for a job however she refused his supply. Here’s the excerpt from her guide: “One day, a friend told me to go visit a producer who was a big shot in the south. He was visiting for a few days and was staying at the Sun-n-Sand hotel. When I got to the hotel, I called the producer from a phone in the lobby. ‘Yes, yes, I’ve been expecting you,’ he said. ‘Come on upstairs.’

‘So, what’s my role, sir?’ I asked him finally when he paused to catch his breath. ‘The heroine’s friend,’ he said. When he explained it to me, it seemed like a very small part. ‘Ok … I have to go now, sir’ I said, ‘My friends are waiting for me.’….’Go? Where? he asked. He seemed genuinely shocked. Aren’t you going to spend the night here?'”

Speaking to NDTV’s Rohit Khilnani in an interview just lately, Neena Gupta revaluated the state of affairs on reflection and stated she might have been “careful” and described her youthful self as considerably “desperate” for work: “You have to be careful. It’s my bewakoofi (stupidity), I should have called him down in the lobby and talked. Why would I go to somebody’s room late in the evening to talk? Because, I was desperate may be that if I call him downstairs, he may feel bad. But one shouldn’t do this. If I would have called him to the lobby, it wouldn’t have happened. Maybe it would have but I would have felt much safer,” Neena Gupta stated in her interview.

Speaking to NDTV, Neena Gupta additionally shared some phrases of knowledge for struggling newcomers: “Here, nobody forces you to sleep with them. It’s you, who has to decide how much you want to compromise. It’s very simple – if you say no, there are 10 other girls willing to say yes. It’s not necessary that you sleep with them and they’ll give you a role. They might give you a small role, somewhere in the crowd. This is business. It is your choice.”

In phrases of labor, Neena Gupta was just lately seen in Sardar Ka Grandson and has sports activities drama ’83 lined up for launch.

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