March 14, 2023

Jagjeet Singh Grewal serves aboard a fifth technology plane provider as Leading Engineering Technician.

New Delhi:

As the UK’s Carrier Strike Group enters the Indian Ocean to conduct maritime workouts with the Indian Navy, Jagjeet Singh Grewal is extra excited than the others within the crew.

Mr Grewal is an Indian-origin Royal Navy personnel whose household connections with Indian defence forces return to World War II.

“My grandfather and grandfather-in-law served alongside the British Army in the Second World War and received a Mention in Dispatches, Burma Star, Africa Star, War Medal and Defence Medal. My father served in the Indian Air force and currently my wife’s brother and uncle are serving in the Indian Navy,” he stated.

Set to start coaching within the waters close to his ancestral dwelling, he stated, “I am focused on doing my job to the highest standards, but it is good to know I am maintaining my family links while working with the Indian military.”

Mr Grewal serves aboard a fifth technology plane provider as a Leading Engineering Technician within the Marine Engineering Department and is chargeable for sustaining aviation gasoline. He additionally maintains fuelling pumps on the flight deck so plane and helicopters can function to their optimum capability.

The Carrier Strike Group, led by the HMS Queen Elizabeth plane provider, has come to the Indian Ocean following a sequence of engagements and operations within the Mediterranean.

According to the British High Commission, its deployment represents the UK’s dedication to deepening diplomatic, financial and safety ties with India and within the Indo-Pacific area. It additionally demonstrates each the UK’s assist for the liberty of passage by important buying and selling routes and for a free, open and inclusive order within the Indo-Pacific, the High Commission has stated.

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